Preserve your fur clothing with proper fur storage Ottawa

Adequate fur storage and preservation are essential, especially during the warmer months of the year. Fur clothing and garments can last for a generation if they are properly taken care of. During the spring and summer seasons when the normal temperature is too warm for fur, it is essential to keep it in proper storage facilities to retain its luster, texture, and integrity. While some people prefer to keep their fur coats and other garments hanging in closets, doing it for a long time can cause uneven stress in some areas that may lead to damage and thinning of the attire. Therefore, it is best advised to opt for Fur storage Ottawa for all your fur belongings.

Did you know that an inconsistent temperature can damage the quality and longevity of furs? Well, it does! It is vital to ensure proper storage so that your fur garments continue to look and feel new every time you wear them. Being professional furrier storage Ottawa, we tend to employ modern techniques to preserve the fur in the best environment possible. This includes proper air circulation, humidity control, temperature, etc. so that when you get it back from the storage unit, it is perfect to wear!

Why fur storage is important?

Maintaining an ideal temperature is essential to retain the natural oil of the fur that determines its quality and durability. Professional fur storage ensures the complete cleanliness and hygiene of your clothing. Since fur is made up of fiber material, extreme cold temperatures can degrade the quality thus making it shrink and expand. Maintained cooler temperatures tend to slow down the biodegradation process thus minimizing fur quality deterioration and drying out.

Don’t compromise the quality and beauty of your fur clothing, contact the best furrier storage Ottawa. We have an expert team of furriers and staff members that provide unparalleled fur storage services as per your requirements.

We offer free pick-up and delivery as a part of fur storage Ottawa. You can also come and drop off your fur clothing at our store.

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10 easy fur care tips to maintain the life and beauty of your fur

  1. Refrain from storing fur in a plastic bag
  2. Always use a broad-shouldered hanger to hand your fur garment.
  3. In case of wet fur, shake it up and hang to dry. Avoid heat and place it where it can have air circulation.
  4. Don’t expose fur to heated temperatures.
  5. Avoid using mothballs and cedar chips.
  6. Refrain from using perfumes or any pins to the fur garment.
  7. Opt for fur storage Ottawa during the summer and spring seasons. We ensure ideal temperature & humidity control for your furs.
  8. Get the minor tears and rips repaired immediately by the expert furriers in Ottawa i.e. Dworkin Furs & Storage.
  9. Don’t leave your fur hanging under direct light as it can result in discoloration of the fur. 
  10. Ensure regular cleaning of the furs using a DIY cleaning process.

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