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Fur is a stylish material that can serve a wide variety of purposes in your wardrobe. Although animal fur garments have been considered a status symbol for ages, the fur fashion market has recently undergone noteworthy transformations. Firstly, the anti-fur consumption movements have incredibly stigmatized wearing fur garments for fashion. Next, technological advancements have made fake alternatives made from synthetic fibers look authentic.

Being one of the largest and finest fur retailers, we at Dworkin Furs, offer a premium range of fur jackets Ottawa! Not only that, but we also provide exceptional services for fur storage, restyling, or cleaning & repair of your fur garments and accessories.

Wear Fur Jackets with Pride

Have a gala to attend? Or perhaps you have a special date night on your anniversary? It is hard to decide the type of outfits to wear, especially if you are a fashionista. What if, there’s a clothing type that can radiate your dressing style as well as make you noticeable in the audience? This is possible with Dworkin Furs! Grab a fur jacket at our store to transform your image and reputation overnight. 

Be it any type of gathering or event, fur jackets are always in the trend! However, if you are confused about how to wear fur for different occasions, let us help you find the perfect occasion to wear fur jackets Ottawa.

Formal Events

Invited to a formal event that needs you to don a black tie? It’s time to make a bold statement by wearing a full-length fur jacket! Whether it’s cocktail dresses, skirts, or long gowns, fur jackets go well with all the outfits. However, be wise enough to keep up with the conventional patterns and colors such as grey, black, white, and brown. Since the aim is to enhance your standing among your peers, pink or green fur jackets are not the most sensible of choices for these events.

Casual Outings

Fur is only wearable at fancy events! Bust this myth by wearing a fur jacket with a t-shirt and sneakers on casual outings or family gatherings. As fashion is meant to break the previous standards and introduce new trends, is there any fabric that offers such versatility as fur? Not only does it give a lively fashionable look but also provides several other benefits such as warmth, beauty, durability, and comfortability.

Apart from formal events and casual outings, you can also wear fur jackets on your big day to look special, unique, and alluring. Or maybe you can even wear a fur jacket at late-night parties to achieve an exuberant, contemporary, and colorful look.

Quality Fur Jackets Ottawa at Dworkin!

We are one of the largest and finest retailers of fur jackets Ottawa since 1880. With a philosophy to help each fashion monger choose a fur that best fits their unique lifestyle, we offer all types of luxury materials. So, wait no longer! Check out our wide range of options in leather, cashmere, shearling, and down-filled jackets in various colors, sizes, and styles!

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